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View from Within

Mark Borghi Gallery

April 21st – May 27th 2016


I got the chance to see from the inside, new and thought-provoking abstract works, from a serious and significant collection of today’s working artists including friends Evan Sebastian Lagache and Nathan Slate Joseph.


Among the many beautiful art pieces featured inside the Mark Borghi Gallery, the one that I admired the most was Prima Material, a 60″ x 48″ acrylic painting by Evan Sebastian Lagache. I was immediately drawn to the gold canvas as the surrounding lights at the gallery shined oh so gently in to my eyes. I walked up, closely, as I became hypnotized by the shades of blue. It felt like I was lost at a sea of thought, like I was staring at a piece of our planet surrounded by a galaxy of golden stars. I kept coming back to this painting throughout the evening and each time I glanced at it I saw something new. Now, I am no acclaimed art critic and these are just my interpretations, but when a piece of art work that someone has created awakens something inside, then I must share it. I also noticed a spectacular piece by Nathan Slate Joseph that I found fascinating, as he carves squares in to a painted canvas. I noticed that he had a bandaid on one of his fingers and thought about the dedication that an artist brings to each piece. I urge everyone to visit the Upper East Side gallery and experience the pieces for yourselves. I wonder what awakens you…





Julie Keyes Art Marsin 2

Evan Sebastian Lagache


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 7

Nathan Slate Joseph


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 4

Debbie Dickinson


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 5

Linda Mason


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 9

Lucille Khornak and Evan Sebastian Lagache [www.lucillekhornakgallery.com]


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 12

Delfina, Evan Sebastian Lagache, Marsin, Soundwave


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 11

Mexican Consulate Press Attaché Carlos Geraldo Izzo and wife


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 13

Frances Grill founder of Click Model Management Inc. [www.clickmodel.com]


A sculpture by Nathan Slate Joseph


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 19

Even a furry friend admired the works of art


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 31

Ron Ferri, Debbie Dickinson


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 48

Sara Johnson Kaplan in front of art work by Evan Sebastian Lagache


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 46

Roberta Deplano in front of a piece by artist Nathan Slate Joseph that I mentioned above


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 51

A candid shot of Linda Mason


Julie Keyes Art Marsin 53

A scene of guests in the back garden of Mark Borghi Gallery

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