23 Apr 2016 / Events, Featured post, TLC
TLC: T-Boz & Chilli



I recently had the pleasure of speaking with T-Boz and Chilli over Skype about their recent album that is in the works, as well as, what the duo has been up to. Well, the T and the C of TLC have been working hard for the past year on an album funded mostly by fans that promises new and exciting music. T-Boz told me that the project should be concluded in Spring 2016, April to be exact. They will be releasing a single soon, no word on the title yet. I do hope to collaborate with the songstresses that I have been listening to for over twenty years now, on a photography project. I love supporting, learning from and interviewing other creatives. I always want to see artists succeed, because I know how hard it can be first hand. I do wish only the best, am optimistic and have my fingers crossed that magic will be made. Chilli was all smiles, and her good energy is electric. We sent each other positive vibes and lots and lots of love. Let’s make magic happen! To be continued…



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