26 May 2014 / Events, Featured post, Photography
Carlos Santana


This Memorial Day weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Santana concert. With the release of his new album entitled Corazón is the return to Santana’s “Spanish speaking childhood.” The album features collaborations from artists Juanes, Gloria Estefan, Romeo Santos, and many more. During the concert the crowd started moving to the rhythm, mimicking the strings of the guitar, jumping to the beat of the drums, and singing along to classics such as ‘Black Magic Woman’, ‘Jingo’, ‘Everybody’s Everything’ as well as ‘Maria Maria.’ With collaborations by the legendary Buddy Guy and his wife Cindy Blackman. The concert took place at the Greenwich Town Party which included many local restaurants catering food that they are recognized for. Carlos Santana sent out a message of hope, passion and love recognizing people such as Angelina Joie and Brat Pitt for their humanitarian work.

“We’re simply angels of heart. Peace, light, love and joy.” – Carlos Santana



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