27 May 2014 / Featured post, Photography
Rose Hartman


With a designer tote bag at hand photographer and author of  ‘Incomparable: Women of Style’  Rose Hartman ventured off to meet me in Greenwich, CT. We had a fabulous lunch at Terra where a couple of friends joined us to celebrated Rose Hartman’s birthday… and catch up on all the latest news and gossip of course. My friend Katty joined us for a visit to The Brant Foundation Art Study Center where we gazed at the magnificent statues outside so large that they seem to reach the sky. We then saw the Ed Clark: American Photojournalist exhibit, featuring over 40 photographs taken during the Golden Age of print media from the pageantry of polities to the rhythms of small town life, from glamorous movie stars to the working class at Bruce Museum until June 1st. As well as art and visual installation exhibit of Tales of Two Cities: New York & Beijing on display until August 31 2014 at Bruce Museum, which featured many talented artists, several of whom we knew from Manhattan. We concluded the day at L’Escale overlooking the water filled with yachts and a glass of rosé at our hand. On her way back, I walked Rose to the Metro North train station to say our goodbyes. As we sat on a metal bench and waited for the train Rose signed a photo for me that she took of a young Kate Moss during New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park. Thank you Rose for blessing me with your presence. It sure was a special day.

Links: http://rosehartmanphotography.com  http://www.brantfoundation.org  https://brucemuseum.org


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