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The Artists Corner Gallery




Written & Photographed by Marsin Mogielski


Henri van Noordenburg

Henri van Noordenburg

Focusing on the global shift between rural versus urban and questions assimilation, Henri van Noordenburg’s art practice is about capturing the diaspora and the relationship between human beings and their environment.

His recent series feature the artist, abstracted in the Australian landscape. Starting with self-portraits set amid a featureless background, van Noordenburg slowly and meticulously hand-craves the photographic surface with a knife. A composed black and white landscape where the protagonist, a nude figure is facing the threats of seemingly hostile Australian bush or is it the legacy of our collective psyche. It takes any where between 50 to 100 hours to complete each image.



Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson features a new series of tattooed children. Johnson collaborated with a Hollywood special effects make-up artist to bring her vision to life. The images represent young tattooed rebels and the possible direction that the world might be heading towards.



Nancy Baron

Nancy Baron

For those living in Los Angeles, the Hollywood culture permeates our lives more than we care to admit.  Dinner parties are places to dissect recent movies, friends share star sightings and gossip about reality TV, and after spending so much time in movie theaters or screening rooms, we begin to see the world as if our eyes were our own personal movie cameras, making daily activities into cinematic imaginings. Her series, Talking in L.A, was created while hiking in areas that hug the Hollywood sign, her adventures into nature started taking on a cinematic interpretation, with subtitles provided by passing hikers.

A native Chicagoan, Nancy Baron has lived in Los Angeles and Palm Springs for many years. A background in documentary film making led to her interest in the still documentary. An urban explorer, photography allows her to document her sociological discoveries and never have to say, ”You had to be there.” Nancy embraces both the film and the digital worlds.

Talking in L.A.

Talking in L.A. is a series of images captured in Bronson Canyon in Los Angeles. The canyons are the rare destinations in L.A. where people enjoy walking and chatting, either with a friend or with strangers met on the path, as occurs in Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London. Much like connectedness in L.A.’s one-person-per-car-culture, the social vibrancy of canyon hiking culture is not apparent in these images. 



Jay Mark Johnson

Jay Mark Johnson

Jay Mark Johnson produces photographic images that challenge the norms of perception. Spactime,  employ a process that is distinct from conventional photography, he creates works which merge the recording of space and time into a single, linear “spacetime” continuum. The resulting photographs are akin to both seismographs and electrocardiograms in that, as timelines, they begin on the left and end on the right. The horizontal length of the image conveys an uninterrupted and fluid measurement of a brief span of time, varying in duration from 10 seconds up to 45 minutes.
It is truly amusing trying to make out the objects featured in each piece of work as well as trying to consume the whole process over all.



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