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Literacy Partners



Literacy Partners

28th Annual Gala “Evening of Readings”

Literacy Partners is working hard to make progress in the battle agains adult literacy. I had no idea that more than 3.7 million adults in New York are reading at less than a 5th grade level! Partners provides thousands of free individual classes, workshops, as well as access to teachers, mentors, and resources.

The 28th Anniversary of the Evening of Readings gala honored Founder Liz Smith with the inaugural LIZZIE Award for her indefatigable commitment to all the former and current students of Literacy Partners, as well as for her continued financial support.

The evening included readings by Bill Maher from his historical book The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But me Has Their Head Up Their Ass. Which, for me, highlighted the comic relief with every quote I was saying to myself “wow that would make for an awesome Twitter and Facebook status.” Acclaimed authors, Jeffrey Toobin and Sally Bedell Smith also read some eye opening segments from their publications. Liz Smith called Jeffrey Toobin one of the supremes and one of the many things Sally Bedell Smith mentioned that stuck with me was a quote stating that The Queen Elizabeth’s secret to her serenity is never having to look for a parking space.

The successful evening concluded with a wonderful dinner, more smiles and even more aware minds.

-Marsin Mogielski, Creative Director of Musée Magazine


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